Our Clients

We work nationally with a wide range of clients to support initiatives that deepen our collective sense of belonging, while investing in low-income people and communities of color.

Organizational Development

Multnomah County Human Resources Policy Recommendations

Paul Hudson, john powell and Evan Holland served as primary consultants to perform a detailed review and analysis of Multnomah County Human Resources policies and practices and provide specific recommendations. The review used an equity-focused and trauma-informed lens to identify where County policies and practices may support, or further, institutional racism and oppression, and create unjust barriers to hiring, retention, development, or promotion of employees in protected classes.  We developed a set of policies, tools and organizational and structural recommendations designed to improve workforce equity and inclusion within Multnomah County. The consultant recommendations were accepted by the Board of County Commissioners on February 1, 2019.

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Community Development

Center for Community Investment

Allison Allbee and Saneta deVuono-powell are currently Senior Fellows with the Center for Community Investment. They are working with 12 city-based investment teams to build the connective tissue between their community engagement, investment pipeline, and policy strategies. Their work aims to ensure each site is able to preserve or produce housing at a meaningful scale while reducing the risk of triggering social or market forces that would accelerate displacement.

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Economic Development

Social Justice Learning Institute

Evan Holland and Paul Hudson developed a Sustainability Plan for SJLI’s Urban Scholars Program that teaches youth of color to advocate for themselves and their communities, by providing a culturally relevant curriculum and academic support through a social justice lens. 

The Plan presented models and strategies that delineated pathways for SJLI to replicate the Program, diversify revenues, generate growth and expand outside their market. Among the strategies recommended were fee-based consulting, social franchising and online revenue strategies.

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